Is It Worth Reupholstering?

Many people have to decide the worthiness of paying to have old furniture reupholstered. It may be a cozy chair you have curled up in for years that has lost its luster, appears dirty, or the fabric is ripped. You don’t want to give it up. Can anything be done to save it?

People sometimes choose to reupholster old furniture even when new furniture is cheaper. The piece or pieces may belong to a set you want to keep. Older furniture may still feel sturdy. Reupholstered chairs or a couch may last longer than cheaper, new furniture.

How to Decide

The decision comes down to quality. Think about these factors when deciding to replace or repair worn chairs and couches. Rather than buy new furniture transform dull furniture into new looking pieces through the upholstery.


Depending on the fabric used and work required, reupholstering may be as expensive as new furniture. There is a substantial difference in reupholstering and re-stuffing a single cushion the dog chewed than a full overhaul consisting of repairs to backboards and springs, re-stuffing, and reupholstering.
Fabric plays a significant role in the cost of reupholstering. The typical chair requires about seven yards of fabric. A standard sofa needs 16 yards of material at the minimum.

The cost of labor is proportional to the amount of fabric. The more fabric there is, the higher the labor cost. Unique upholstery or intensive work increases the cost of labor.
Those tasks include:
•Fixing, replacing, or attaching welt cords, or cords of fabric that outline the seams of pillows and cushions
•Ensuring the patterns and shapes align
•Tying the ends of threads, woven through cloth to form a pattern, with knots or buttons; or tufting.

sofa re-upholstery

Personal Attachment and Quality

Sentimental value and quality are factors to take into consideration when deciding if reupholstering is worth the cost. A stuffed chair or couch that remains sturdy should be worth considering. The frames of sofas and chairs built ten years ago are better made than most furniture today.
In recent years, many manufacturers lowered their standards. Wood once considered unsuitable for furniture frames is now being used. The frames are assembled with fast-drying epoxy and staples instead of screws. Screws do not loosen as quickly as staples and last longer.

Reupholstering gives consumers an opportunity to restore a couch or chair with more control over the shape and look of the cushions. You get to update the furniture with your choice of fabrics and options of round or square cushions.The piece is a bit more custom.

When to Replace

If the frame of a cushioned chair or couch is damaged, it is best to replace it. No inspection is needed to determine if a chair or couch frame is falling apart. Just sit on it. If the backboard is going to break or springs are popping, you will know it is time to replace the piece.