Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

There are significant differences when treating upholstery material. Regardless of the fabric, the top priority is to avoid the use of too much water. Soaking the fabric increases the chances of making the fabric unusable due to odors, bacteria and mold growth, or resoling.

A spray bottle or handheld applicator may be all that is needed to apply water when cleaning upholstery. The delicate makeup of upholstery fabric will cause chemicals to evaporate before treatment begins if it is pretreated.

Working with upholstery fabric requires precision. It is not very tolerant of treatment mistakes. If noticeable soiling or tough stains are apparent, it will likely need a professional to remove them. When there are pets and children in the home, regular professional treatment is recommended.

Upholstery fabric picks up pet dander and fur. The tiny feet and hands of children often create messes on furniture. Harboring dangerous mold or microbes that are harmful to children is prevented by regular upholstery cleaning. Hiring a professional is valuable to a family’s health.


Professionals receive training from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification agencies. Certification agencies are known as IICRC to those in the industry. A course entitled, Upholstery and Fabric Cleaning Technician (UFT), teaches the best methods to care for fabric.

During the course, professionals learn how to identify various fabrics and types of construction. They are introduced to some treatment techniques, technologies, and chemicals. After completing the course, technicians can handle multiple situations.

A certified technician is placed in the IICRC database, opened to the consumer looking for professionals. The IICRC sets standards for upholstery cleaning. Education and experience are what makes a technician an expert. The educated and experienced professional knows how to maintain a fabric’s integrity as work on the project is completed.

Expectations of an Upholstery Cleaning Service

The service can give tired and run-down furniture new life. There are different sizes and styles of furniture. A reliable upholstery cleaning service recognizes the importance of handling pieces individually instead of as a whole. A prized family heirloom and a cherished couch bought last year should receive the same excellent service.

Environmental awareness is another important factor in the maintenance of a beautiful home. Reputable and reliable upholstery cleaning services are environmentally conscious of chemicals used in the cleaning process. Chemicals should be safe for disposal and non-toxic to the family and pets. Thorough extractions of the chemicals used is mandatory to ensure the consumer’s safety.

The Process

Upholstery cleaning consists of three necessary steps.

  • Prepping
  • Cleaning
  • Finishing

The consumer wants a transformation that gives new life to frazzled, dirty furnishings. Professionals can maintain and restore furniture as close to its original state as possible. An expert cleaning service restores life to the fabric and specializes in more than ridding furniture of everyday debris and grime.

Consumers often turn to upholstery cleaning services when the office or household furniture is damaged by fire, smoke, or water. Having upholstery cleaned is more cost-effective than purchasing all new furniture, even if only a few pieces can be salvaged.